Redefining agriculture

The Plant Cell Institute develops cell-based agriculture for cereal production

The problem

Current crop production is unsustainable and drives food insecurity

Access to food
Protect the environment

Our mission is to address the negative impacts of crop monoculture on the environment and food security

Our first priority

Produce wheat flour from cell culture technologies

The case for new agricultural systems

Agriculture cannot cope with the current global food challenges. Increasing land for cereal production will significantly impact the environment and jeopardise the planet’s ecosystem and biodiversity. We propose to develop cellular agricultural systems that will remove our dependency on land and climate.

How will this project improve humanity’s food security?

We believe the next agricultural transformation stands in growing plant cells in controlled environments to guarantee long-term food security, especially with the advent of climate change. We can produce cultivated cellular grains more sustainably and independently of environmental crises. This will stabilise the food market and reduce ecological pressure from traditional agriculture.

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