Life relies on plant cells​

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of the world’s population depends on plants

We need unprecedented cooperation to tackle complex plant-related issues

Unleash the power of collaboration

PCI is the first distributed institute where researchers work on plant cell-inspired solutions to solve today’s most challenging problems.

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Letter from the project lead

Dr Philippe V. Jutras


     Our societies are increasingly confronted with global threats impacting climate, food security and population health. Plants are essentials to communities globally, and a greater understanding of their fundamental biological mechanisms is needed to face these major problems. Plant research institutions across the globe have contributed to many innovations and discoveries. However, collaborative approaches must happen to tackle these complex problems. We believe that solutions are best identified through collaboration.

three important steps to establish the institute

Bridging the world of plant research

The PCI aspires to enhance the current development of the extraordinary plant research already conducted across the globe.


Establish a network of labs

The future of research is distributed science


build technologies to support distributed contributions

Great research requires great tools


Secure research funding

Support long-term research for the Ambition 2035 programme


Remove agriculture from the fields

Agriculture cannot cope with the current global food challenges. Increasing agricultural land will significantly impact the environment, weakening every day. We need to develop systems that will remove our dependency on land and climate.

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We believe successful distributed research can be achieved by supporting a strong network of labs with diverse expertise.

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